Water and Salt

Simply a classic. Soft and crunchy, the Water and Salt Germani biscuit is a great choice, whether pure, or accompanied by pates and cheeses.

Cream Cracker

Tasty and crispy, the Cream Cracker Germani is a great choice for a practical snack, and can even be covered with the flavor you choose.

Cream Cracker Whole

Lean, thin and crunchy, the Cream Cracker Integral Germani combines with pates and cheeses. And the best: it is made with wheat fiber, which helps regulate your gut.


An Italian classic, the Grissini Germani is crispy and super tasty, perfect to savor with pastinhas and pates.

Grissini Italian Breadsticks

Lean and crispy, perfect for savoring with pastinhas and pâtés, Grissini Italian Breadsticks Germani can be served up as an antipasto.


Whether as a treat shared with friends or as an aperitif for that special dinner, the Mignon Germani is sure of the best taste for the best time of your day.

Suzi Crock

Super tasty and crispy, the Suzi Crock Germani biscuit is the savory snack that leaves your day more striking with an unparalleled taste.