Cuca mix is launched at Casa Germani


Casa Germani, a Dallas Group brand dedicated to homemade delicacies, has just launched a product that will be a hit at the family table. The new Italian Cuca Mix allows the quick preparation of the traditional recipe brought by European immigrants with the flavour and texture of the best delicacies prepared in the comfort of the home.

Available in 400g packs, Italian Cuca Mix Casa Germani is super practical to prepare. Your recipe requires only the addition of milk, eggs and yeast. The result is fluffy, kneaded and delicious dough that can even receive a special coverage, perfect to taste with those you love the most.

To give due prominence to the novelty at the point of sale, the Dallas Group's marketing department prepared materials such as Wobblers and Stoppers that highlight the novelty in the gondola. The new Mix for Cuca Casa Germani is now available for sale in boxes with 12 packages for small, medium and large retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Throughout the Midwest, Southeast and North of Brazil, the service is provided by Dallas Alimentos. In the South of the country, the Group is served by Germani Alimentos