A classic with new layout


Grissini, one of Germani’s exclusive products, is with new visual identity in its traditional version of 175g, which combines the identity of the brand with features that give the product refinement at the point of sale. 
The graphic design is based on the characteristic red of Germani, which emphasizes the identity recognized by the consumer of the brand, with typography and classic traits that give elegance to the product. Futhermore, the package comes with a wide front window, which allows the consumer to check the quality of the cookies.

Made from wheat, Grissini is a stick-shaped and toasted biscuit  from the region of Piemonte, Italy. Crunchy and appetizing, it is perfect to taste, both pure, with chips and pates, and may even serve as an antipasto.

The product is already available for sale in boxes with 16 packages throughout South, Southeast and Midwest of Brazil for small, medium and large retailers, wholesalers and distributors.