Coroa presents Duni line of Wafers

Written by: Germani in 28/10/2016

One of the most remembered brand by consumers in the South of Brazil in the pasta and biscuit segments, Coroa expands its portfolio options and presents a new line of Duni wafers.

The line brings four flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate with Coconut and Duni Black (Chocolate with Vanilla) in packages of 110g. Duni wafers come with a thin crispy peel and four layers of filling - double in rows for the market's choices - which is a crunchy and creamy flavour to the consumer's taste.

The launch has broadened the image of the sub-brand Duni, already recognized by the consumer of Coroa filled biscuits. The packaging carton accomodates 30 packages and is now available for retail trade small, medium and large retailers, wholesalers and distributors throughout South and Southeast of Brazil.

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