Charlotte Champagne

Written by: Germani in 14/02/2014


1 can of condensed milk;

The same measure of milk;

1 can of heavy cream without serum;

4 eggs;

250g of Biscuits Champagne Germani;

4 tablespoons of cocoa powder dissolved in 1 glass of water.


Cream: Take to the fire the condensed milk, milk, 4 egg yolks sieved until boiling. Set aside. White cream: beat the 4 egg whites and add the heavy cream.

Chocolate: take to the fire until the water boils with the chocolate and let it cool. Take to freeze for at least 5 hours. In the white cream and in the cocoa powder there won't be sugar for contrast in flavors. First, prepare the chocolate milk. Set aside to cool. Then, prepare the cream. When it's warm, start to assemble the Charlotte. Distribute the first cream into an ovenproof dish. On top of the cream, arrange the cookies already passed trough the chocolate milk. Now prepare the white cream and distribute it over everything.

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